Sunday, September 10, 2017

Why is the claim that greenhouse gases warm up the Earth by 33°C wrong

 The claim that greenhouse gases warm up the Earth by 33°C refers a joint statement by national academies of Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, UK and USA in 2005: “the existence of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is vital to life on Earth – in their absence average temperatures would be about 30 centigrade degrees lower than they are today.”  This claim has been widely endorsed since by numerous academic institutions including the IPCC around the world. 

However, this claim turns out false; it is simply a result of misuse of the Stefan-Boltzmann law by climate scientists.  When deriving this conclusion, climate scientists made technical errors:
1)      treating  the Earth as a blackbody while it never is;
2)      using wrong temperature quantity that is not the temperature quantity defined by the physics essence of the Stefan-Boltzmann law;
3)      classifying temperatures raised by greenhouse gases as a different physical quantity outside the Stefan-Boltzmann  as well as other related physics laws.

Detailed analysis is summarized in a ppt presentation, which can be downloaded from this Acribd link:

Monday, August 3, 2015

Hot (haiku)

Hot and cold or not?
Dahl* says golly gush it's cold;
a mum's mate feels hot.

* Dahl = Roald Dahl

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Reasoning -- a tanka (tanka-like verses)

  A bird loves flying,   
  a man enjoys reasoning.
  It’s two for the wing --
  Induction and deduction
  are two wings for reasoning.

Monday, December 29, 2014

A Confession Song

Over hill, over dale,
through bush, through brier,
in the water, in the air,
from each lung, to every foliage,
I do wander everywhere.

People call me carbon dioxide,
a carbon hugging two oxygen side by side.
Showing no color, smelling no odor,
with no pain, but only gain,
I am now brought to court by my own fostered.

Some see I absorb infrared;
they scare heat will be piled up.
Doomsday is near – the Earth is going to be smoldered.
Floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and sea level rising,
all the disasters are of my fault.

They do not see how I emit infrared;
they do not know I’m frigid cold.
Nitrogen and oxygen kiss me again and again;
that’s the only way to get rid of their heat.
Never a pollutant, I’m my friends’ coolant.

A coin has two faces; a banknote has two sides.
There is no way to double your wealth
with finest skill in razor-thin slice.
Anything that absorbs emits;
nothing that does not emit absorbs.

The planet will be fine in the future.
Natural disasters are of nature.
Probing a mystery from another side,
naked eyes can see truth naked:
I tune only temperature profile against altitude;
how much heat comes in, the same amount goes out.

Animals demand oxygen and supply carbon dioxide;
Plants’ demand and supply are the opposite.
The oxygen ratio over me is an indicator:
The plant kingdom hundreds times outnumbers the animal’s.
Little by little, one must wonder
how can I avert demise. 

The world will end
if I run out.
When my level is lower,
plants grow slower;
they feed according to quota to last longer.
As my level is raised higher,
plants no more hunger; the planet looks greener;
living turns to be easier and better.

Think over again the atmosphere;
that is something that must share.
Yin and yang thrive with harmony.
Aiding me helps you yourself shiny.

Life is sometimes a joke.
I scold no one for drinking my milk and naming me snake.
A mother would never upset but await
her beloved children to wake!